The Amazing flavours of Bingo Game

Online Bingo has a variety of games to offer the players. While we all know about the common forms of Bingo like 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo, there are many other forms of bingo that are becoming popular in the online medium. The varying factors that online bingo offer are the jackpots, multiplayer games, offers, graphics and bonus. Also the variation

Mostly depends upon the different prices for tickets to enter different online rooms. These prices are as low as one penny and the jackpots and corresponding prizes also vary depending upon the tickets. The offers in these bingo games change from time to time so that the players don’t get bored with the same offers

Standard games always remain the same but the special games offered to entertain the audience will differ monthly. Along with it, the bonuses and special prizes will also undergo change. Shall we now look into some of the various forms of bingo to understand them better and bonus. Also, the variation

75 Ball Bingo Game

Another name for this bingo is US bingo and as the name suggests, players use cards of grid 5 * 5 and 75 balls are used in this game. A person wins the game if a pre-determined pattern is achieved through marking off horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

90 Ball Bingo Game

90 Ball Bingo game is played mostly in UK and makes use of 90 balls. While 75 ball bingo is 5 * 5 card pattern, this game has cards made up of 3 * 9 rectangular grids. Each line in the grid has 5 numbers and 5 empty grids. The game is played on 6 tickets. As each number is called only once, a winning pattern would be judged based on 3 successive patterns. There are sites that offer tickets from 5p and they are great to play.

80 Ball Bingo Game

This game comes somewhere between the 75 ball and the 90-ball bingo. This game has gained more popularity more recently. It is played with 4* 4 cards. Each column of this card has a corresponding color in it. The winning card corresponds to a pre-determined pattern

Multi-Variant Bingo

Multi-variant Bingo is a game made by combining the traditional 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and the 80 Ball bingo. It is a great game to play without having to jump between rooms to play these games

Speed Bingo

What is different is the speed of the game 70 or 90. The numbers called in this game is at a faster pace than the normal bingo games. This game is loved by mobile players and by players looking for a quick finish game. It might be a bit stressful if you are looking for Bingo as a game for relaxation

Progressive Bingo Game

Progressive Bingo is like the Preset bingo game in a way that the prize is announced before the game starts. This prize starts growing as more and more players come into the game by buying tickets. The prizes in Progressive Bingo is usually very good and there is much demand for this game.

Special Games

Other than the chat rooms, another aspect of playing bingo games online is to get an opportunity to play other special games. Though these games vary from time to time, they are quite interesting and takes entertainment to another level With all the above varieties, it is no wonder that online Bingo has attracted huge audiences from across the globe.

Preset Jackpots Bingo Game

In Bingo games, the jackpot is won if a pre-determined set of pattern is achieved. In Preset bingo, the jackpots are announced prior to the game. Most of these preset games does not depend on the number of players playing this game

Multiplayer Bingo Game

This is one amazing game that cannot be played in actual bingo halls. In multiplayer bingo game, players can team up together with other members of the game online and share the cards among themselves. The jackpot and prizes are shares when they win the game. Isn’t it a great way to play with friends and a great team work?


Chats are special way to bond with other paypal bingo players. Players are encouraged to chat with each other and usually extra points and bonuses are given to those who actively participate in the chat rooms